Pray for our Pastoral Staff

Pastor Charles Kauffman

Assistant Pastor

This week we are praying that God would give vision and wisdom to Pastor Charles Kauffman. We also want to pray for his wife (Kaylah) as she is expecting their fourth child, and also pray for their three children (Charlie, Coby, and Chloe).

Pray for our Church Ministries


Pastor Charles Kauffman

Pray that God would use our upcoming Missions conference (Sept. 27-Oct. 1) in a mighty way. Pray that God would give safety to our missionaries as they travel in for the conference.

Pray for our Church Leaders

Tiffany Greiner

2-3 Grade Teacher

Pray for our Political Leaders

Doug McCauley

Mayor of Clyde, OH

Please pray for the following requests from our church family:

*Kaylah Kauffman: For a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.
*Mary Hankins: The Parkinson's doctor said everything is good. Will not need to go back for 4 months. Still have a lot of pain. She will have several doctor appointments next week.
*Barry Halstead: Requesting prayer for strength, peace and understanding. To grow in grace and knowledge in God's Word. He is slowly getting strength.
*Marilyn Mammen: Appointment with the new UroGyn was very good. She will begin therapy soon at Fisher Titus Women's Health Center.
*Becky, Bill Brown's Sister: PRAISE: She is healing and doing much better.
*Don Rathbun: His health remains stable but terminal. Prayers for comfort from pain and continued longevity are appreciated.
*Jim and Lynn Hiser: Pray for both of them for several health reasons and they need strength. Praise: She will not need surgery, the aneurysm has not gotten larger. They will still monitor her condition. Also, doctor's may be able to use medication for her sharp pains.
*Alicia Monk: She is currently at the Promedica Hospital in Toledo for a spot on her brain.
*Jessica, Patti Stein's daughter: Recent tests revealed more cancer in her spine and lungs. Her last surgery went well but she is not doing well at this time. Pray also for Patti for strength.
*Roger Morrow's granddaughter, Sarah: Pray for her to seek God and overcome strongholds.
*Ben Thompson: His appointment went well. They took post out and put new cast on. Still non weight bearing, but doing good. Next appointment is Sept 21st .
*Judy Rhineberger: She is at home and doing fine, but having a side effect from medication. This caused a new schedule for taking pills. Pray that it works out.
*Mike Dezanett: His Bio result showed no cancer but still having a lot of physical problems, please continue to pray for healing and strength.
*Chuck Kauffman: Pray for his sister, Kathy, for salvation. Chuck has fallen several times now and has an MRI appointment soon. Pray for healing from sickness.
*Dixie Johnson: (Bonita Sharp's mother), has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. And it has spread throughout her body now. Will be continuing treatments.
*Ronette Skaggs: She will be having surgery for blockage in her leg. (No date yet). Randy Skaggs will now have tests ran on Sept 12th and will have surgery later.
*Cleo Mott: Pray for the family and Pastor Mott with the passing of Cleo Mott for strength and comfort. Her memorial service will be held in Florida on Sept. 30th .
*Brenda Livingston: Her cancer has been confined and is not spreading. Will be 12 weeks of Chemo Therapy.
*Joel Petrie: He had an MRI, followup to a CT scan which identified a type 1 Chiari Malformation in the brain. He will be meeting with a neurologist soon.
*Belinda Blevins: Her stomach infection is healing and she is doing much better.
*Good News Club: The open house went well, pray that the children will come and hear the gospel and be saved. They will have their first meeting Sept 12th , pray all goes well.
*Sandusky County Fair: Praise: for those who where saved and pray for those who received the tracts and that God will move in their hearts.
*Pastor Belcher: He is having some complications, pray that they will make wise decisions concerning some upcoming procedures and surgery.
*Virginia Sanderson: She is at home, pray for healing and recovery.
*Pray for the Lost: Request is for each one of us to pray for someone who needs to come to Christ as Savior.
*Becky Chamberlain: She will be having knee surgery due to the infection spreading.
*Norma Miller: She had surgery for broken hip and is now in rehab for recovery.
*Micah Dezanett: Pray for his younger sister, Kiara, her daughter passed away at 1 month old. She is currently having physical problems and needs recovery and strength.
*Marian Wright: Her sister, Janice Snider, died suddenly Wed. Aug 30th. She leaves behind her daughter, Jill Snyder. Prayers needed for family and for all that follows.
*Connie Moore: Her husband, Rocky Moore, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia this past week. Pray for strength and healing. Will be undergoing treatments in Cleveland.
*David Weirich: His mother, Sherry Weirich, will possibly have eye surgery in her right eye, but currently she has an infection in her left eye.
*Ryan Sinclair: Requesting prayer for his mother, Cindy Estep: she has just found out that she has cancer, but they don't know what type it is yet.

Pray without ceasing - 1 Thessalonians 5:17