Pray for our Pastoral Staff

Pastor Allen Holmes

Senior Pastor

This week we are praying that God would give vision and wisdom to Pastor Allen Holmes. We also want to pray for his wife (Amy) and his four children Christopher, Emma, Madelyn, and Timothy.

Pray for our Church Ministries

Steadfast Youth Ministry

Dan Utley

Pray that God would continue to use the teen ministry to continue to assist our parents in teach our teens to love the Lord and follow Him with their whole heart.

Pray for our Church Leaders

Melanie Weasner

4th-5th Grade Teacher

Pray for our Nations Leaders

Sherrod Brown

Ohio Senator

Pray without ceasing - 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Please pray for the following requests from our church family:

*Denny and Mary Hankins: Mary will be seeing the doctor Tuesday for her back and also another doctor for an injection on her knees. She will be seeing a heart doctor on Wednesday. Her neurologist says things are good with Parkinsons.
*Glenda Slaymaker: She is at home healing and struggling. Pray for a special touch.
*Barry Halstead: Requesting prayer for strength, peace and understanding. To grow in grace and knowledge in God's Word. He is slowly getting strength.
*Marilyn Mammen: She will need to schedule another pudendal nerve block but will not be able to do it until after March 21st .
*Becky, Bill Brown's sister: More cancer was found in her lympnodes which were removed. Her body is not strong enough for more treatments. Please pray for healing and strength.
*Kenneth Posey: Currently has stage 4 cancer. Rescheduling doctors appointments.
*Don Rathbun: He is still terminal but in moderate pain. Barbara is on a roller coaster with several issues.
*Jim and Lynn Hiser: Pray for Lynn for her shoulder and for Jim as he waits for a heart valve replacement. Pray for Chase, their grandson, on the Nimitz and the military for safety on their deployment.
*Jessica, Patti Stein's daughter: Recent tests revealed more cancer in her spine and lungs. Pray for wisdom on care and treatments.
*Roger Morrow's granddaughter, Sarah: Pray for her to seek God and overcome strongholds
*Russ Thompson: He will be having surgery April 5th. Ben wound is healing and waiting for surgery.
*MaryKay Miarer: PRAISE: All her cancer has been removed. Still going through treatments and doing better.
*Jordan Mayes: He is in drug addiction very heavily, pray for deliverance.
*College Students: Pray for our distant bible students: Luke Stinson, Anna Runkle, Taleya Lozano, and Scott Wilson.
*Judy Rhineberger: Her test revealed a cancerous mass and she will be having cancer surgery March 29th . No signs of spreading from current tests.
*Jeff Close Sr.: He had three different operations at once, one for removing the cancer, one for a hernia, and one for another growth in the intestine. All went well at home recovering.
*Doris Hemminger: Her sister Diane is doing good, has lost her hair but overall minimal side effects from her chemo treatments.
*George Klotz: His lungs are failing and he is on heavy oxygen.
*Tim Klotz: He is currently having very bad sugar problems.
*Jean Jinkinson: Her mother is now in rehab at the Willows Center.
*Mike Dezanett: Having liver issues and will be seeing some specialists. He is having some other physical problems.
*Joann Garza: Had a significant surgery and afterwards had very bad complications, still in the hospital.
*Linda Klotz: PRAISE: She is at home now and doing very well.
*Nancy: Mrs. Watts' sister, after tests revealed several tumors. Pray for direction and healing.
*Danny and Nancy Levy: Pray for the Lord's healing and strength.
*Share-A-Thon: PRAISE: We are thanking God for the $61,135.00 that was pledged.
*Chuck Kauffman: Pray for his sister, Kathy, for salvation.
*Public Schools: Pray for God to open to them, for workers, and children to be saved.