2022 Conference Speakers


Independent Baptist Media
We are the Sharp family specializing in radio, audio and video for the propogation of the gospel for local churches and missionaries. The dynamic of our family is ever changing but we seek to involve all members of our family in helping accomplish the goal of using technology to preach theology. Much of our focus is in equipping missionaries with the appropriate technological tools to enhance their influence regarding evangelism and decipleship. We believe strongly in the principles from the Scripture that faith comes by hearing and that our eye affects our heart.


My name is David, my wife is Lauren, and we have two sons: Gabriel (4 yrs) and Isaac (14 months) with a new baby due in February. We plan to aid veteran missionaries in planting a church  when God allows us to reach the field.
I was truly blessed to be born into a family that was grounded in the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ. One week, when I was younger, My father and I (David) returned home to our house in Palm Bay, Florida, after a week at a Youth Conference with our church. I was deeply troubled by all of the preaching on salvation, yet I struggled to comprehend a reality that I could not interact with or measure empirically. Conflicted, I informed my father that I could not place my belief on what seemed to me to be just an elaborate fairy tale. I told him that I wasn’t going to believe any of it anymore. I was going to be an atheist. My father’s reply was to simply open his Bible to the book of Romans and begin to read. As he read those familiar passages, for the first time in my life, I was convicted in my heart that what I was hearing was truth. The Holy Spirit pressed hard on my heart and I confessed to my father that I needed Jesus. We bowed our heads to pray and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. I was baptized during the next service. I praise the Lord for my Salvation and I want to tell others about the hope that I have.


My wife and I recently got married and did a missions internship in Honduras. My wife is a missionary kid and grew up in Honduras, got saved at 5, and she absolutely loves the mission field. I grew up in a Christian home, got saved at 6, got called to the ministry at 16, studied for the ministry, and saw God's specific direction to the mission field while in Honduras. We felt the call to a different country while in Honduras and researched other countries. God led us to Mozambique and we are excited to start ministry there!

Josh Levesque

Dearborn, Michigan
We are the Levesque family, Josh, Katti, Riley, Brady, Wesley and Henry. We moved to Dearborn, Michigan one year ago to start the Dearborn Baptist Church in a city widely known for the dominance of Islam. We have been blessed with a great start to the work here especially in the aquisition of a new church property! We have met many great people here and have a growing group of members and regular attenders. Please pray for us as we renovate this new building and have new opportunities for outreach events here in the city.

Wednesday Schedule

5:00 PM

Dinner: Soup and Salad Bar

6:30 PM

Presenting: Gene Sharp | Preaching: Pastor Josh Levesque

Thursday Schedule

9:30 AM

Bible Assembly

6:30 PM

Presenting: David Gall | Preaching: Luke Nalty

Friday Schedule

9:30 AM

Bible Assembly

6:30 PM

8:00 PM

Presenting: Pastor Josh Levesque | Preaching: David Gall
International Delight Dessert Competition

Saturday Schedule

10:00 AM

Men's Prayer Breakfast - In the gym at HBT

Sunday Schedule

9:00 AM

10:00 AM

After the Service

Small Groups
Presenting: Luke Nalty | Preaching: Gene Sharp
Conference Lunch

My Gift to Missions

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