Journey in the truth

1 Thessalonians

In our modern world, distractions are abundant and Satan seeks to steal our focus away from the spiritual. As Christians, we must purpose in our hearts to walk in wisdom and to keep our mind stayed on God (Col. 4:5, Is. 26:3). For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Luke 12:34).
To help you with this, we've put together a couple suggestions which could help you focus and read through six of Pauls epistles. Try one or try them all. The key is to dig into and meditate on the things of God.


1. Set a time to read each day either individually or with your family. During this time, eliminate distractions by turning off cell phones and other electronic devices. Before you open your Bible, pray and ask God to teach you about Himself. After you read each passage, cross it off for a visible record of your progress
2. Keep a journal! Try answering the following questions based on what you read each day:

A. What is the main point of this section of Scripture?
B. What does this text say about God?
C. What does this text say about man?
D. What does this text say about salvation?
E. What does this text say about sanctification?
3. Pray. You're in a relationship with God, and He's just spoken to you. Continue that conversation with Him in prayer. You can pray any way you'd like, but if you need help praying, you can try the 'ACTS' model. (try and pray in response to what you just read)

Adoration: "I love you..." Praise God and express your love for Him
Confession: "I'm Sorry..." Admit to God where you have failed him.
Thanksgiving: "Thank you for..." Thank God for what He's done for you.
Supplication: "I pray for..." Pray for the needs of others, then for your own needs
4. Share what you've heard from God today with someone else! A friend or family member would love to hear about a favorite verse you read, or what new things you discovered about God.

1 Thessalonians